Allotment Shed

My parents recently took on an allotment which was very overgrown from being ignored by the previous tenant. Once the land was cleared a shed was requested.


Metal Shed For Brother

I designed a metal shed for my older brother using Solid Edge. It was made using parametric modelling enabling the design to be adapted in the future using variables.


Wooden Cold Frame

Using the wood from a shed which was being dismantled I designed and created a cold frame for my parents garden.


Bike Rack for 6 Bikes

Designed and built a 6 bike vertical rack for the last year of university to safely and efficiently store bicycles inside.


Bike Stand for Two Bikes

Using a loft ladder and plywood I designed and created a bike stand for storing two bikes to minimise floor space usage in my university room.



Using a workbench top I reclaimed I designed and welded a angular steel base with caster wheels. Pictures of build process.


Folding Coin Wallet

Using a leather upholstery sample I created a coin wallet. Pictures of build process. Marking the pattern on the leather


Desk for Room

I created a desk for myself using reclaimed wood from a wardrobe and multiple broked desk legs which were combined to form a full set of legs.


Log Store

A fence was taken down close to my home. The fence was dismantled and then used to create two log stores which would be located around the side of the house.


Elastic Wallet

An elastic wallet made using an elastic strap from an old backpack. t


Pallet Shoe Rack

Below are some pictures of how I created a shoe rack from just one pallet. Dismantling the pallet Dismantling the pallet


Business Card

This is my hand made card business card which uses paper mechanics to make it interactive. By pulling the tab the arm with the top hat will move raising the hat off of his head.


Website Development

My personal website has developed and changed through exploring different options and adopting the ones which deliver the desired experience.