Allotment Shed

My parents recently took on an allotment which was very overgrown from being ignored by the previous tenant. Once the land was cleared a shed was requested.

The requirement were:

  • Keeping some supplies relatively safe and dry.
  • Large doors so they could sit in there if it rained while still able to see the allotment.
  • Low cost.

Fortunately a house around the corner had two sheds dismantled from their garden and had put them in a skip. After asking the owners permission, I salvaged as much as I could and prepared it for use. There wasn’t many longer pieces which could be used for framing so we had to also buy some 2x4 construction timbers. After collecting other items for use in this project such as UPVC windows and some large boards construction began.

Constructing the Shed

The frame was built at home on the flat patio with access to power tools. Once the doors were installed the frame was dismantled and moved half a kilometer down the road to the allotment.

Assembly at the Allotment

The foundations are some paving slabs with a plywood flooring board place on top. The flat packed frame went up smoothly. A plastic sheet was placed under the reclaimed roofing sheets to ensure that it would be weather proof. Feather board panels were cut to length on site and screwed in. Also we installed some guttering, a workbench and two composting bays made from pallets.